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Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 12 (January – April 2019) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • Smartphone Security: An Overview of Emerging Threats
  • Crime-As-A-Service (CaaS)
  • Downloadable Guns and other 3-D Printings as Security Threats
  • Intelligence Gathering As Tool to Avert Security Threats
  • Deciphering Nuclear Terrorism. Is it a Distraction or a Realistic Threat
  • Centurion’s G-Ultra GSM
  • Do Guarding Companies Really Train Guards How to Use Handheld Scanners
  • The Efficiency of Multi Apartments Video Intercoms


Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 11 (September – December 2018) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • Financial Services Sector: 5 Credible Cyber Security Threats
  • Real-Time Analysis against Crime with the Aid of Video Surveillance CCTV Cameras
  • Facebook Cloning: Have You Been Slain?
  • Counter-Terrorism: Airport Screening Technologies for Maximum Security
  • What We Can Do to Protect Our Children
  • The Criminal With a Colourful CV
  • How you Can Use Security to Leverage Sales
  • Take Control with Remote Access Control Systems


Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 10 (May – August 2018) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • Security in ICT
  • Case Study
  • General Business Security
  • Access Control Page
  • Fire Equipment & Protection Page
  • Scanners and Detectors Page
  • Intercoms
  • Perimeter Protection & Burglar Alarms Systems


Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 9 (January – April 2018) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • Why SSL/TLS Attacks Are On the Rise
  • What Informs the Decision to Choose Analogue or Digital CCTV Cameras?
  • Reveal Hidden Threats, With Hikvision Under-Vehicle Surveillance Systems
  • ESRM: The Bridge between Security and Enterprise
  • What to Consider when Doing a Perimeter Wall
  • Securing Your Home Should be a Priority
  • Difficult Areas to Deliver Security and How You Can Secure Them
  • Fire Drills Are Necessary In Boarding Schools in Kenya


Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 8 (September – December 2017) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • Has Judy Malware Infected Your Phone?
  • Cyber Security Threats as Kids Access Digital Platforms
  • Online Ignorance Could Lead To Your Insecurity
  • Emotional Intelligence Vs Personal Security
  • The Benefits of Fish eye Technology: 360o Security Cameras
  • Matching the Right Security Solution to the Assessed Risk
  • Six Tips for Crowd Control Planning
  • Security Threats in any Train Transport


Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 7 (May – August 2017) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • Cybercrime Set to Increase in Kenya According to Report
  • Economic Risks Associated with Election Period
  • Signs You are Dating a Con-artist
  • Would CCTV Surveillance Systems Be of Significance During 2017 General Elections?
  • Poison Prevention
  • Hikvision Launch all New EasyIP 3.0 Product Range
  • Calculating the Amount of Space You Need for your NVR
  • Are Drones a Game Changer in Security in Kenya as law is Passed?


Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 6 (January – April 2017) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • Our Smartphones can now Secure us; Introducing the Usalama Mobile App
  • How Your Employees Put Your Organization at Risk
  • Man’s Bestfriend; As A Counter Terrorism Measure
  • Retail Security – Unveiling Issues that Almost Every Business Owner Ignores
  • Employee Theft, a Serious Activity yet Often Treated as an Ordinary Thing
  • Recommendations on Beefing Up Security in Law Courts to Prevent Attacks by Suspect
  • Security Concerns During Event
  • Why Perimeter Fencing is Quickly Gaining Ground as a Suitable Security Solution


Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 5 (September – December 2016) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • Use of Security Products and Systems in ICT
  • Cyber Attacks on Video Surveillance Systems, the Irony, and Best Practices
  • Kids’ Security and Safety During Holidays
  • Use of Tracking Chips to tame Cattle Rustling in Kenya, and East Africa
  • Passion to Support Children from Vulnerable Households
  • Insecurity and Violence from Illegitimate Ownership of Land in Kenya
  • Take a Moment and Plan before Moving To a New House
  • Radio Frequency Tags, the Cunning Technology That Stops Shoplifters in their Tracks
  • Overcome the Car Theft Nightmare by Playing the Safety Card
  • Minimizing Your Business Risk through Limited Access


Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 4 (May – August 2016) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • A Wake-up Call for Organizations to Review their Cyber Security Measures
  • You can Protect Your Business with Simple Social-Media Security Tips
  • Mitigating Ransomware Attacks
  • Computer Forensics: Recovering Electronic Evidence
  • Words of Wisdom to Women About Sexual Assault
  • Using Social Media in Emergency Situations
  • Stepping Up Security to Counter Terrorism in Kenya
  • Securing Our Youth and Generation against Cancer in Kenya
  • Surviving Night Car Breakdown and Emergency
  • Foolproof ways of Vetting Employment Candidates without Harming your Organization
  • Security Firms Must Train their Guards for Different Sectors


Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 3 (January – April 2016) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • How useful is CCTV footage; Is it admissible as evidence in a court of law?
  • How Effective can CCTV Cameras be in Curbing Matatus Traffic Rules Breaking Menace?
  • Business-As-Usual is Long Dead, Prepare Your Employees for Terrorist Attacks
  • Changing Faces of Social Media and the Possible Intrusion to your Private Life
  • How Metal Detectors Work
  • Dealing with School Fires and Unrest in Schools
  • Are Your Kids Over Exposed to The Internet?
  • Demystifying Digital Forensics
  • Top Ten: The Most Important Cyber Security Tips For Your Users


Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 2 (September – December 2015) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • CCTV Surveillance | Page 6-15
  • Security in Education | Page 16-19
  • General Business Security | Page 20-34
  • Security in Transport and Travel | Page 36-41
  • Scanning and Detection | Page 42
  • Burglar Systems | Page 43
  • Perimeter Protection | Page 44
  • Case Study | Page 45-63
  • Access Control | Page 64-65
  • Security in ICT | Page 66-75
  • Gate Motors | Page 80-82
  • Intercoms | Page 83Technical | Page
  • Technical 86-87


Secure Magazine your security guide Issue 1 (May – August 2015) Cover Page & Some Featured Topics

  • CCTV Surveillance | Page 8-19
  • Access Control | Page 20-25
  • Burglar Systems | Page 26-29
  • Access Control | Page 30-34
  • Security in Transport and Travel | Page 35-42
  • Security in ICT | Page 43-47
  • Security in Education | Page 48-49
  • Fire Protection and Fire Equipment | Page 50-53
  • Case Study | Page 54-60
  • Security in Entertainment Industry | Page 62-64
  • Company Profile | Page 65-83
  • General Business Security | Page 84-93