Every person harbors the dream of owning a home one day. The demand for homes in
urban areas keeps on increasing. This is mostly fuelled by the need for people to live near their
places of work. On the other hand, urban areas have amenities such as good roads, shopping centers, hospitals, schools and recreation areas. Most people, therefore, prefer to live near
a town or city. Nonetheless, home ownership is at the core of the Kenyan dream. Having said this, as you consider where you want to buy or build your family home, it is also important to think of how you will keep your property secure.

As a conscientious homeowner, you should be alive to the fact that insecurity has been on the increase in recent times. Besides, when you think of the sacrifice you have made to own a home and the assets in it; the more you feel the urge to protect your property from vandalism and theft. The solution lies in surveillance cameras. Kenyans are today more security conscious than they were two or three decades ago.
The range and nature of security equipment available in the market has also changed tremendously. In that respect, you must consider aspects such as your security budget, nature of surveillance, number of cameras needed and so on.

In your quest for an ideal home surveillance system, there are some factors you have to consider. Three of the main ones include:

  • Whether you want one or several cameras
  • Whether you would cameras with night vision capabilities
  • Whether your cameras will be hidden from view or anyone entering your premises can spot them

Below is a look at these factors in detail:

How many cameras do you need?

This will depend on how big or small your compound is. Property size determines how many cameras will be required to cover the entire outdoor area. Upon visiting and having an overview of your property, security camera installers will be in a position to advice you on quantity and placement points.

Do you want cameras with night vision capabilities?

Modern surveillance cameras are equipped with features that enable them capture images even in conditions of pitch darkness. Even on a rainy or foggy day, these cameras work with precision. Consider your security options carefully and determine when you need heightened surveillance most. One cannot tell when intrusion into residential property might occur. Nowadays, criminal groups have the audacity
to break into homes during the day.

Would you like hidden or visible cameras?

Cameras that are visible to onlookers send a clear signal that someone is watching. This deters burglars from breaking into your property. However, some homeowners like to work with aesthetic designs that involve hiding surveillance cameras from view. Doing so captures images of anyone getting into or out of your home without them knowing it. Another approach would be to combine the two styles or customize.
There are two major types of home surveillance cameras: analog and digital. The latter are preferred as they do not require extensive cabling. The system also allows you to monitor your cameras from a variety of gadgets such as computers, laptops and cell phones.


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