In a business such as ours, a fleet of vehicles are the most important asset. Without them, your business is as good as dead. As a car hire service entrepreneur, you must be closely involved in every business aspect. Focus and obsession with numbers is also a requirement. Keep tabs of your employees’ performance. Most importantly, always ensure that customers are receiving quality service. By keeping these aspects close to your chest, you can rest assured that your revenue base will be high.

Customers love hiring and being transported in vehicles that are in good mechanical condition. Towards this end, we service our cars on a regular basis. Customer service is something we hold dear. Our staffs are highly trained in dealing with client inquiries and providing solutions. They are flexible enough to attend to walk-in clients, those making phone calls or sending email inquiries. We make it our trouble to ensure that our clients get what they are looking for.

Nonetheless, there is always the risk of vehicle theft. We are cognizant of this fact and have gone out of our  way to secure our company’s fleet. Here are some of the measures we have put in place:-

Tracking devices

All our vehicles are fitted with GPS car tracking devices. Among other features, a tracking device gives you updates on the present location of your vehicles. It also shows you the speed at which the car is moving.
In case a driver has wandered off-course, the tracking device will give such feedback. GPS tracking devices
allow you the leeway to set parameters depending on the type of feedback you want. As such, you are able to receive email and cell phone text alerts among other detailed reports. In addition, you can receive these
alerts on your computer.

Car alarms

We have installed electronic devices in our fleet to deter theft of our cars. Besides, our self drive customers
might be having valuable items with them. It would be unfortunate for any of our clients to have their rented car broken into and their valuables stolen. We show all our clients beforehand how to trigger the alarm system including the location of the cutouts. Usually, car alarms come with a keychain transmitter. This allows you to turn the alarm system on every time you leave the car and close the door. Upon getting back to the car, you only need to touch a button on the transmitter and disarm the car.

Audio listening devices

If we suspect that our clients are up to illegal acts, we have a security system to apprehend that. However,
this comes as a last resort after making attempts to call or send text messages to the client concerned. Once activated, the system allows our security team to listen-in on the defaulting client’s conversation as long as they are inside our vehicles. In our more than 5 years of operation, we have not encountered serious security breaches on our vehicles. However, we always stand by the adage “it is better to be safe than sorry.”


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