In the past decade or so, there has been an upsurge in the number of homes people have bought or constructed. When all is said and done, owning a home in Kenya is such a big deal. People work all their lives to save money. With savings accumulated over time, one is able to sign up for a mortgage and proceed to build their dream homes. On the other hand, millions of Kenyans are members of cooperative societies (SACCOs). These act as avenues for saving a little amount every month. Thereafter, one can apply for a development loan which is usually three times the value of one’s savings.

In Kenya as in other parts of the world, we prefer to build our homes in a similar manner. This consists of a fenced compound and a structure within it. The structure sits inside a compound surrounded by perimeter walls. Access to the property is through a metallic gate. For good measure, Kenyans prefer to have beautifully designed gates. As for the fencing part, majority of homeowners prefer stone-walled fences. There was a time when live fences used to dot residential homes. However, with emerging security threats, this is no longer the case.

In recent times, homeowners have scaled up security measures in their homes. In most homes you visit, you will notice that there is an electric fence, CCTV cameras and an alarm system. Clearly, we are not taking chances with our security. Such measures go a long way towards deterring intruders from gaining access to homes at any time of the day or night. Security fences go a long way in preventing home invasions by criminals. At the very basic level, an electric fence acts as a deterrent. It prevents people from jumping over and getting into your property. Any attempts result in electrocution. As a way of making these fences impenetrable, security firm technicians install razor-sharp wires.

However, electric fences are not just mere deterrents. They serve a useful purpose beyond keeping criminal elements away. A typical electric fence has a component known as energizer. The energizer’s work is to convert power from the mains or battery into pulses, usually of high voltage. The pulses move along insulated fence lines once per second. The pulse lasts for about 150 microseconds. In non-technical terms, this pulse is an electric shock; what you feel when your body comes into contact with an electric fence. Whenever you touch an electric fence, you complete the circuit hence the shock you receive. Once the electric current is complete, it flows to the ground through the unit’s ground system.

One beautiful thing about electric fences is the psychological aspect one associates them with. No person in their right mind would dare come near an electric fence for fear of being electrocuted. Once you see the “danger” sign, reason tells you that it would be safe to keep off the fence. On the other hand electric fences do not have the same strength as say, your stone-walled fence. However, it is the psychological aspect that makes these fences highly effective. If you are considering enhancing the safety of your home, an electric fence would be worth considering. Find an installation firm that specializes in electric fences and discuss your needs with them.

“Security fences go a long way in preventing home invasions by criminals. At the very basic level, an electric fence acts as a deterrent.”


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