Having to travel over the holidays can be that notoriously busy, stressful and expensive event of the year. You have to travel up country to meet your aging parents to tap the blessings for the next year, you got a vacation, an end of year party in the coast. It gives some the thrill of the festive  movie, “Home Alone”.

You just wish that there was a skip button to doge the tiresome and never ending chain of activities and travels. However, all is not lost for there are those moments that we desire to catch during the season. There are pretty much to enjoy while travelling this festive season. However that would not come on a silver platter, it takes planning and here are some nuggets on Security Tips to Consider While Travelling Over Holiday Season making your travelling enjoyable, safe and secure.

Plan and prepare way before time. Lack of proper preparation and planning may expose you and your loved ones to unnecessary danger. Get to survey the place you are intending to go to. Know the exact route to follow, your contact person. Better still make calls before you leave to make clarifications such as your time of departure and the expected time of arrival. You do not want to keep asking every stranger for directions every turn lest you give criminals time and suggestion of attacking you.

Plot your connections carefully to minimize chances of missing your flights. Here time is of essence, you have to leave home early. Never assume that traffic is going to be normal. To be on the safe side, be on the higher side. Expecting the worse not only helps you save on time but it also prepares you psychologically. With this you can be able to manage every situation comfortably.


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