The dream of owning a home is one we all pursue relentlessly. There is so much pride in knowing that you are no longer under the mercy of a landlord and their merciless agents. It takes years of planning and saving painstakingly in order to acquire or build a home. Banks and other lending institutions have been actively involved in this sector. As such, many people have been able to realize the home ownership dream within a shorter time than they had envisaged.

Having worked so hard to give your family shelter, it is only prudent that you secure your home. Ordinarily, securing a home involves having strong grill doors and a gate that you keep locked all the time. You also install security lights to illuminate your compound at night. If resources allow it, you might hire a security guard to watch over your property during the night. On the other hand, most families, especially those living in their own compound keep dogs for an equal measure.

Following the changing nature of threats a typical home is exposed to, the need to consider other security options cannot be underscored. Thanks to technology, you now have many digital and electronic options that make your home a safe haven. One of these options involves having an alarm system. Alarms are good because they alert you and your neighbors about a possible intrusion into your home. You need to link your alarm system to a security services provider. This way, when the alarm goes off, a response team rushes to your property where they can assist you further.

Have you ever considered installing video surveillance in your home? If the answer is no, maybe it is high time you gave it a thought. According to Mr. Peter Ngare the Technical Manager at Secure Digital Limited (SDL), many Kenyans have in the past shied away from CCTV security technology. This has partly been as a result of misconceptions that CCTV cameras are a preserve of the rich. Other people think that it is very expensive to have video surveillance at home.

On the contrary, video surveillance is one of the most convenient ways of securing homes. All you need are several cameras, a digital video recorder and a TV screen and you are good to go. A security expert will help you choose the number of cameras and peripheral equipment you would need. Look for a firm that deals with video surveillance systems. Discuss your needs and budget with the firm. Technicians will visit your home and carry out an assessment. From there, you will be notified of what you need to procure.

With CCTV cameras in place, you can keep tabs of what is happening within your compound. Mr. Ngare advices that homeowners consider installing other security solutions to support video surveillance. According to him, you should have an alarm system and an electric fence for equal measure. With such preparedness, you can quickly detect security breaches and call for help in good time. Besides, investing in your home’s safety cannot be equated to other projects you undertake. Always keep your home safe now and every time.

“Having worked so hard to give your family shelter, it is only prudent that you secure your home.”


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