CCTV surveillance is the process of capturing what is happening at a location and projecting it on a TV screen. Video surveillance is one of the most commonly used security options. People love it because of its simplicity. All you need is a camera, video recorder and a screen. These are linked through power and network cables. Closed circuit cameras come in numerous specifications. There are those that are capable of image magnification. Others give clear images irrespective of whether it is day or night.

The whole idea of surveillance is to enable monitoring of activities going on at a respective site. In the process, the person viewing video footage can notice when anything out of the ordinary takes place. From there, the viewer can take intervening measures such as raising an alarm or alerting others persons about the possible breach. In many ways, CCTV surveillance helps individuals and companies keep their spaces secure.

Crime Deterrence

The presence of CCTV surveillance cameras sends a strong message to strangers that a property is under video monitoring. As a result if such persons had ill motives, they will think twice about it and abort their mission. On the other hand, culprits are aware that chances of being caught in the act are very high.

Securing premises

When people see the sign “the property is under CCTV surveillance,” it automatically registers in the mind that the place is under scrutiny. They will avoid any forms of intrusion as they do not know who is watching and from where. This way, video surveillance acts as a blessing.

Monitoring the goings on

A few months ago, Kenyans were treated to a shocking video where a Ugandan house help was mistreating and assaulting a toddler. This was raw footage from a CCTV camera. In developed countries, people install video cameras to help them monitor what is going on at home while they are away. Parents can see how domestic servants are treating children and the elderly.

Improving Productivity in places of work

Video surveillance in places of work prompts people to avoid instances of wasting time. Employees focus on doing their job as they will be under the impression that the employer is keeping a close watch. As a result, productivity levels go up and the company earns higher profits.

“The presence of CCTV surveillance cameras sends a strong message to strangers that a property is under video monitoring.”

Criminal Prosecution

While prosecuting crime, prosecution teams use CCTV footage as evidence that accused persons did indeed perform the act. Judges must then decide whether the footage can be used or not. Video footage is also used by police detectives to hunt down and arrest criminals. This is attributed to CCTV’s ability to capture facial images and other aspects that help in identifying suspected criminals. Without video surveillance, none of this would be possible.

Infringement on privacy

However, video surveillance can also be a curse. Monitoring people’s movements against their will contravenes their right to privacy. Recently in Zambia, tourist hotels were implicated in a CCTV scandal involving Nigerians. The hotels allowed unscrupulous Nigerian business people to install cameras in hotel rooms. These cameras recorded images of couples having sex in the hotel rooms. The footage was then posted online. This is in contravention to the hotel guests right to privacy.

Therefore CCTV surveillance is more of a blessing than a curse.


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