Access control System (ACS) may vary from the simple electronic pads securing a single small door to large multi-networked systems connecting a number of buildings. It may as well consist of a simple mechanism where you just need to key in a password or it could be an advanced integrated mechanism controlling every single function of the building access control points. It all depends on the needs of your business facility or home. Just before you get into purchasing an ACS (Access Control System) there are a number of factors you need to put into consideration. Purpose is the key factor when purchasing an access control system. The primary role for Access control systems is to ensure that specific sensitive areas such as server room, control room, personal records area or any other area of sensitivity have limited or authorized access. Further, you may want to use it for monitoring and recording who enters a particular area. On the purpose of your system you may consider how secure you want your system to be. The stronger you want your system to be, the
more advanced the specifications would be. A basic system may consist of a keypad and or a swipe card. On the other hand, advanced systems may comprise of features such as thumb print, a card, keypad, a camera, a TCP/IP enabled etc. what purpose do you want your system to serve.


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