There have been lives that have been lost simply because civilians have either been scared to enter a scene of crime or they entered a scene of crime carelessly thus causing more harm. There are innocent people who are rotting in jail not because they were thugs enough but because they found themselves in the midst of a crime they had no idea about. They heard someone crying for help, and with their kind heart they went to offer their tender hearted assistance. However, they had no notion of the implication they were getting themselves into.

Crime scene is crime scene. It bears the evidence of the happenings and the involvement of the crime committed. The first respondent officer upon receiving on a scene of crime, they demarcate the scene to ensure that there will be no contamination of evidence as well as to safe guard the public from implicating themselves in a case they might not be aware of.

The case mentioned above, has made so many good Samaritans


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