Active shooter training, also known as active shooter response training or active shooter preparedness training, is a program designed to educate individuals on how to respond effectively in the event of an active shooter situation. These programs are especially relevant for individuals in schools, workplaces, and other public spaces where such incidents can occur. The training typically focuses on the "Run, Hide, Fight" strategy, which provides guidance on how to respond to an active shooter:

Run: If it is safe to do so, the first and best option is to evacuate the area immediately. Leave your belongings behind, help others escape if possible, and keep your hands visible when encountering law enforcement.

Hide: If you cannot safely escape, find a secure place to hide. Lock or barricade doors, turn off lights, silence your phone, and remain quiet. Be prepared to defend yourself if necessary.

Fight: If you are unable to run or hide, and the shooter is in close proximity, be prepared to fight back as a last resort. Use improvised weapons and work together with others if possible.

Active shooter training typically involves scenarios, drills, and discussions about recognizing signs of potential threats and how to respond to them. Many organizations and schools provide this type of training to employees or students to ensure they are prepared in the event of such an emergency. It is important to stay informed about your workplace or school's specific active shooter response protocols and procedures, as they may vary depending on the location and organization. Additionally, remember to follow any guidance provided by local law enforcement and emergency services in your area.

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