Safety and Security, Definitions and Process

Safety and Security,  Definitions and  Process
 What is the difference between the term’s safety and security? Safety is used to refer to a condition where someone is protected from factors that are likely to cause harm to them in road accidents, fire, diseases and natural disasters.
Security means protecting organisations and people against threats and dangers e.g. theft, kidnapping, carjacking etc. Whether at home, at work, travelling or socially, there is a need to employ and practice several safety and security measures.
An important component of this is the environment that you will be working in / travelling to as every new environment will have its unique challenges and considerations. It should also be noted that we are now in a digital age, so to try and manage things in a purely physical approach will lead to an incomplete solution.
Here are several measures to consider:
Planning and preparation: For those who experience security or safety-related problems, a lack of planning is often a major contributing factor. Research is key and always take time to think through the activities you are required to perform, to achieve a desired goal like travelling, having meetings etc. This will allow you to have foresight of the things that may interfere with achieving your goals and put-up necessary measures.
The main question should be ‘What are the potential problems likely to be experienced’?
Be aware of your surroundings that is people, places and environment: Be alert for unusual activities and be aware of culturally unrecognizable human activity like loitering around your location, increased curiosity etc. Get to know your neighbours to watch each other’s homes (set up a WhatsApp group as part of a neighbourhood watch scheme). Be careful about inquisitive strangers and what may seem to be noticeable behaviour, and know when to trust your gut feeling.
Be organized and avoid creating unnecessary attention, e.g. walking in dark streets that are not well-lit in areas that are possibly bad, and if you have to don’t be alone, strength in numbers.
Employ a culture of accountability and do not leave your items unattended and avoid displaying expensive-looking items, this includes social media.
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